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Founder Jip Margadant emigrated with his girlfriend to South Africa in 1973 to enroll for a B.Sc. Wood Science degree at the University of Stellenbosch. After working in the industry for a number of years (Shefeera timbers in Louis Trichardt and Bruply Doors in Boksburg), he went back to Stellenbosch to obtain his M.Sc.


Wood Science degree in 1983. By that time there were two children, daughter Ann born in 1978 in Elim (Limpopo) and son Ronald born in 1979 in Springs (Gauteng) and Ronald is since 2008 full partner in the business. After a period back in Europe, Jip came back to South Africa in 1995 to explore the wood industry for possible export products for the European market.


This resulted in the export of a variety of products such as Wide Pine flooring planks, garden furniture, decking, door strips, anti-parking poles and other products in various Eucalyptus species such as Karri (E. diversicolour) and Tallow wood (E. microcorys). Due to strong local demand the Pine export dried up and most of the Eucalypts were not suitable to serve a critical export market with their products.


It was clear a new market had to be developed to suit the available Eucalypts.