To ensure consistent and reliable supply of wooden poles from our timber plantations, Margadant Wood established own contractors in 2012 and has invested in the latest and best harvesting equipment, modernized harvesting techniques and continuous training and development to ensure quality year round supply.

Margadant Wood also utilizes external harvesters equally capable of delivering quality raw material.

Our wood undergoes a number of different quality checks before receiving the approval stamp to load.

Being the owner of our own farm we are able to ensure that our stringent protocols are followed to result in intentional quality, every time. This includes allocating the correct classification and quality grades for our customers.Alle veelgestelde vragen

We deliver treated and untreated poles and sawn timber, we are growing eucalyptus species with a high natural durability (Class1) but if our customer require treatment we do We use pressure-treatment methods to treat our wood. Our processes utilize the latest technology to ensure optimal and cost effective operations to offer you the best timber prices.

Margadant Wood has invested extensively in our fleet of trucks which enable us to deliver to our customers across Southern Africa by road. Margadant wood handles complete transport logistics, both, by land and sea. In this way, we can ensure that our products promise is kept intact. This allows us to solidify long-term relationships with our respected clients.

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