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MARINE POLES (untreated)
Standard features on our poles include nail plates and serialized labelling by metal plate. Our products comply with applicable quality standards, and we adhere to all relevant environmental protection requirements.


  • Eucalyptus cladocalyx (Sugar Gum)
  • Eucalyptus cloeziana (Gympie Messmate)
  • Eucalyptus teriticornis (Forest Red Gum)
  • Eucalyptus microcorys (Tallow wood)
  • Eucalyptus paniculata (Grey Ironbark)

Strength properties of the Eucalyptus species are comparable to those of the tropical hardwoods. For more information of strength/durable reports, please contact us : info@margadantwood.co.za. Margadant Wood Pty Ltd can supply poles to specific customer requirements. Approximately 99% of our UNTREATED products are destined for export to Europe.
In the South African market we serve customers such as Electrical Contractors, Power Utility Companies, Municipalities, Retailers and Farmers. Our poles comply with relevant standards, including SANS754, SANS457-3, ESKOM DSP34- 1647 & ISO9001:2015 requirements. Approximately 70% of our products are destined for export to countries such as Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia and Namibia. We have also exported to Ethiopia, Madagascar, DCR, Lesotho, Angola, Europe and the Middle East.
With our dedicated fleet of trucks we can deliver wooden transmission poles up to 22 meters in length to our local and export clients. Our timber is sourced internally from our own plantations and from external commercially grown plantations that comply to FSC standards. Margadant Wood is the front runner in the industry with regard to quality and service.


TreatmentCreosote or CCA
Penetration depth15 mm minimum
Minimum depth of Sapwood15 mm
Minimum depth of preservative impregnation15 mm
Method of MarkingAluminium Plate with ACT SANS logo
Minimum Net Preservative Retention115kg/m3 & 20kg/m3
Impregnation Treatment MethodCreosote or CCA, Full Cell (Bethel)
Modulus of Elasticity11000N/mm2
SeasoningKiln or Air Dry
Average Weight of PoleAccording to size
Canti-lever & Mid-point LoadingAs per SANS:754 and SANS:457-3


SANS754 - Eucalyptus Poles, Cross arms and Spacers for Power Distribution & Communication syst
SANS457-3 - Wooden Poles, Droppers, Guardrail Posts and Spacer blocks Part 3: Hardwood species
SANS1288 - Preservative treated timber
ACT - African Certification & Testing approved to wood and wood products EAC 6 NACE16, ma
ESKOM DSP34- 1647 - National Specification for Creosote treated wooden poles, Cross-arms & Spacer blocks